Oh, hello.

After months of chatter, several MFA students have conspired to create a blog for the MFA program here at Rutgers-Newark. In addition to pure madness & mayhem, you can also expect them to blog about the MFA experience, publishing opportunities, literary & cultural events, the Newark scene, and thoughts on the writing process itself.

Prepare yourselves: It’s about to get REAL.

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2 Responses to Oh, hello.

  1. armin says:

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this great info. If you could, I’m specifically interested in knowing which newark bars offer dollar beers and free pool. Also, as a first year student, what type of hazing can I expect? Will I have to do laundry for second year students or should I prepare for all out humiliation?

    • rnmfa says:

      Hey Armin, these are great questions. In fact, I’ll do a post on Newark bars & dives (there IS a difference) in a little bit. As for the interaction between first and second year students: I was really intimidated before I got to RN because I read somewhere that the average age of MFA students is 28. I was 22 when I started the program. Fortunately, once I got here, I quickly realized that everyone is treated as equals and the most important thing is how much you care about writing. No one ever talked down to me or treated me like I was naive. To say nothing of odd requests for laundry service.

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