Who Wants to Play? – Orson Scott Card and the Writing Process

Maria Luna on Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card.


So here I am in my room taking a well deserved break from my crazy day, reading a little sci-fi. Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. For those of you who don’t know: (1) Speaker for the Dead is the second book in the Ender’s Game series. (2) Ender’s Game itself is a landmark piece of science fiction, but that isn’t really the point of this blog post. So, what is the point? To tell you that not only is Speaker for the Dead a great summer read, it’s full of Card’s thoughts on the writing process.  Card shares the winding details of the writing, revision, and publishing process of the entire series.  He drops some serious knowledge.  The end of the introduction draws near and I am reminded of why I became a writer in the first place.  He romanced me when he concluded,

”…in the pages of this book you and I will meet one-on-one, my mind and yours, and you will enter a world of my making and dwell there, not as a character that I control, but as a person with a mind of your own.  You will make of my story what you need it to be, if you can.  I hope my tale is true enough and flexible enough that you can make it into a world worth living in.”


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