Evan Roskos, MFA ’09, kindly sent along this tidbit, which I am reposting.  There has been a lot said about the death of traditional book publishing and what that means for new writers.  The answer, so far, seems to be that we haven’t figured it out yet:

Here’s a New York Times article about one man’s attempt to help books, or something like books, compete with things like iPhone games and YouTube. The marketing aspect of filming authors as they discuss their book seems harmless enough, but the idea that one might film scenes from the book and then have those scenes play at the crucial points in the story/novel seems a bit cumbersome and gimmicky. I can appreciate the desire to use technology to draw people to different texts, but the merging of text and video would have to be very seamless. Most importantly, e-book readers do not currently use the same technology as an LCD screen, so until the e-ink/e-paper technology can handle video as well as text one will be tied to an LCD or OLED screen. Try reading on one for more than a half hour and see how much you care about the creativity of the recorded scene where the latest bland John Grisham hero jimmies the lock on some filing cabinet he/she isn’t supposed to be jimmying.

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