Writing for the Web

One of our hopes for this blog is to make it a resource for those not only entering the MFA program, but also leaving it.  So, for the first of these posts, I’ll be talking about freelancing–please feel free to send us your feedback on this topic.  We’ll make it more expansive if we find more to include.

There are two ways to go about getting work as a web writer: You can freelance, by researching potential markets, querying sites, and selling on a project-to-project basis, or you can look for the steadier but perhaps less creative full-time gig.

If you are interested in the former, you might be interested in the following online resources:

The Well-Fed Writer (http://www.wellfedwriter.com/Blog/) a business savvy site that looks at trends within the freelance writing world, and gives tips on launching your own career. This is particularly relevant for corporate writers, marketers, and copywriters.

SunOasis (http://sunoasis.ning.com/) keeps a nation-wide listing for writing jobs of both a freelance and more permanent nature.

WebWritingThatWorks.com has information on every step of the web writing search process. One aspect of the site that I found useful that other sites did not seem to offer was a very nitty gritty detailing of how to layout your resume for both online and paper consumption. Check it here: http://www.webwritingthatworks.com/HTgen2gjob.pdf.pdf

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