Jaime Karnes is in StoryGlossia


Congratulations to second-year fiction student Jaime Karnes. Her story “The Rhetorician’s Baby” is in the current issue of StoryGlossia.

My rhetorician and I had difficulties getting pregnant. It turned out to be fertility problems on my side; a genetic defect as common as the rose colored birthmarks on my left thigh.

Oh, Doctor H had said, it’s definitely you, definitely not your rhetorician. Here, he said, here’s a pamphlet on adoption, really a very nice alternative in these situations.

I put the pamphlet in my purse and left it there until after dinner. Halibut and asparagus; I had been eating healthy for the baby.

Nourish yourself and he will come to you, my rhetorician said.

Here, I said, producing the pamphlet. He’s not coming. May I have cheeseburger now?

Go here to read the rest of the story.

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One Response to Jaime Karnes is in StoryGlossia

  1. momoody says:

    Wow! Congrats Jaime!

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