Jaime Karnes on “The Rhetorician’s Baby”, and on the writing process

My relationship with revision is tumultuous. I can’t tuck stories away and allow them to “marinate” as so many brilliant writers suggest. If I think a story is good when I finish the first draft then I start revising almost immediately. It’s usually about going back and fleshing out each scene. In some ways I revise as I go, I leave a lot out when I write; I guess that’s how I control the story.  In revision I’m often adding the details I fought hard to leave out in the first place. It’s an internal tug of war.

I recently read 2nd year fiction student Jaime Karnes’ interview covering her story, “The Rhetorician’s Baby” on Storyglossia’s companion blog, and I thought I would post just a taste of it.  As a follow-up to her story,  Anne Valente of StoryGlossia did a nice companion piece, asking her about her writing process for this story.  Jaime spoke about her inspiration, her revision process, and her struggles writing this story.  Check out the full interview  here.

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