Nancy Rawlinson on MFA Programs

I, for one, love it when people keep it real. Needless to say when I read the title of Nancy’s article – “The World Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About Your MFA” – my attention was peaked. In addition to keeping it real, she also dishes out some really good advice.

Some of the things you are almost guaranteed to get in an MFA – any MFA really, never mind one of the “good ones”:

*  Time to write.
*  Deadlines.
*  Structure.
*  A group of people who read your work closely and give you feedback.
*  A group of people who take you seriously as a writer.
*  Lists of great books and the obligation to read them.

Things you are likely to find during your MFA:

* A voice.
* A reality check.
* Confidence.
* One amazing writing mentor.
* One really, really flaky professor.
* Annoying workshop mates.
* Doubt.
* Certainty.
* Doubt again.
* Friends.
* Debt.
* The ability to take yourself seriously as a writer.


About Saeed

Saeed Jones earned his MFA in Creative Writing at Rutgers University – Newark. His poetry has appeared in publicans like Hayden's Ferry Review, StorySouth, Jubilat, West Branch, Weave, The Collagist & Line Break. When The Only Light Is Fire, his chapbook of poems, is available from Sibling Rivalry Press.
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