Washington Park and the Excellent Peach.

The semester is starting up soon, and now is a great time to check out Newark before the work piles on.  Today, I took the time to sit in Washington Park in downtown Newark.

Every Wednesday, from June until October 15, there is a little concert in Washington Park.  For those of you new to campus, Washington Park is a few blocks away from the main campus, exactly where the new Rutgers Business School is.  The park is part of the original Newark settlement and dates back to 1669 (I hope that little fact excited you as much as it did me).  Anyway, because it sits on prime downtown real estate and is surrounded by office buildings, the city and local businesses have tried to revitalize it.  When I went today, there was a farmer’s market, a stand of used books run by the Newark Public Library, a stand run by the Art Kitchen (which is where our student reading series will be held).  A singer/saxophonist played some jazz and oldies, and librarians danced.   In addition, I found out that on Friday nights, they offer movie nights where they put a 25 foot screen out on the grass.

I bought a peach, and it was excellent.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I ate it.

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