Evan James Roskos’ “How We Handle Pain” in Narrative Backstage!

Time collapses into length and width and depth. Everything physical and endless. Stretches of pain and stretches of nil. Glass drags through his veins. Sunlight melts his belly. Sharp little lights before his eyes whirling. Long periods where his body decides everything and his mind follows strange impressions.

Thus goes one small piece of Evan James Roskos’ (MFA ’09) new story, “How We Handle Pain,” also in this month’s issue of Narrative Backstage.  The story is a sectioned narrative of one man’s losing battle with rectal cancer.  Roskos’ language control is excellent in this piece, whether he is talking about World War Two in reverse order or keeping a woman’s name straight.

To read Evan’s story, go here, or to learn more about Evan, check out Saeed’s blog, where Evan was featured, here.


Evan James Roskos

Evan James Roskos

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