Interview with Rachel Hadas in The Contemporary Poetry Review‏

I took Poets & Poetry last semester with Professor Rachel Hadas, and I just can’t remember (other than Professor Jeanne Beaumont) any other professor teach poetry with such depth and respect for the art in my entire academic career.  They said she was nice, and she was for the most part, but the thing about a Hadas class is that you can’t just read poetry—you have to think about it, reread it, learn more about the poet, take into account the moment in history in which the poem was written, read what the critics have to say, read the poem once more, and then tell her what you think about the poem, how it makes you feel.

Just take a look at what Professor Hadas has to say about the present state of the art of poetry in her latest interview featured in The CPR Interview,

And yet was there ever a golden age of poetry, of literary culture? Randall Jarrell says somewhere that the thing about a golden age is that everyone goes around complaining how yellow everything looks.

Rachel Hadas

Rachel Hadas

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