PICT0002Feeling neglected? I’m sorry. Classes have just begun and I find myself asking once again, what made me think I could take this on?  If you’re a second-year student, perhaps in distress over a thesis concept —writing and revising pieces that will go in it—or a first-year, blindfolded by confusion forcing you to feel your way around, then take a small break andPICT0001 go have yourself an esculent (word of the day) experience!  Over the summer I had my first Ethiopian dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Mesob in Montclair, a charming town where some of our professors and peers race home after class.  The Mesob staff is warm and punctual, and I promise there isn’t one bad thing on the menu! Take my word for it, I tried so many different dishes that urged me to gracelessly sucked my fingers through out the meal.

If you find that you love getting your pretty little fingers dirty at Mesob then take a moment to vote for them in the Best of Essex Reader’s Choice Awards 2009.  Voting ends September 15, so grab your date or some very good friends and ride all the way down Bloomfield Avenue to Mesob!



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