The Acentos Review and My Humility


The good:  My story Simón Simone Simón was just published in The Acentos Review.  I should feel good right?

The bad:  I submitted an earlier version in error. So if you notice something is off, or a comma is missing, please don’t even tell me.  I’m already nauseous, caught between excitement and humiliation.

The lesson:  Be sure I send out the correct version, no matter how many times I revise, saving myself much heartache later.

The truth: Like Tobias, I will never be able to reread my own work without wanting to change it, rearrange it, polish it.  All I can do is look ahead and improve, improve, improve! 

So, if you can see past my novitiate solecism, please enjoy the story: The Acentos Review: Simón Simone Simón


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One Response to The Acentos Review and My Humility

  1. momoody says:

    Congrats! What a fun piece to have published!

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