Mi Gente

I wanted to write up a brief post about the small joys to be found at a local campus eatery, Mi Gente.  I apologize for the lack of pictures, my visit was unplanned and I don’t own a working camera anyway.  If you want food porn, turn on the Food Network.

First of all, this eatery had been touted by many in the program before I finally went.  This is a lunch-only establishment, and I tend to cut costs on lunch by bringing my own.  However, I finally decided to check this place out last week, and I realized what I’d been missing.  They have a “stimulus package” which, for five dollars, will get you a more than filling amount of food.  The food is Latin, but definitely not of the gordita-burrito variety.  I enjoyed the baked yuca, soft and sweet, and the pastelon, which involved swiss cheese and plantains and beef and overall goodness.  My eating companion is generally unforgiving of all things New Jersey (still in a pre-enlightened state), but this place won him over.  Plus, between a stimulus package and a side, we had a generous meal for about four bucks a person.  I only wish I had discovered it sooner.  Even the New York Times got there before me, and I live much closer.

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