Two calls

Two totally different but equally interesting bits of info came over the transom in the last few days.  The first is a call for submissions from an online lit mag called  They publish poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, but right now they seem to be explicitly seeking fiction submissions.  They’ve been around for awhile, but their new website is a big improvement over their old one.  Here is the blurb about what they are looking for, and I encourage you to check them out yourself.

Fiction Editors at welcome your prose and will work diligently and honestly in reading (and sometimes offering critique) of your work. Please note that we take the title “editor” seriously, and will sometimes make editorial suggestions to your work prior to accepting it. We are open to various fiction styles, including, but not limited to, flash/micro/sudden/genre-blurring fiction. We’re looking for work that will sit well on the screen (take a moment, please, to decide for yourselves what this means. We can say, for example, that we’d like work to “pop”, to be “imaginative”, “sharp”, “tight”, etc., but we’d be limiting the variety of work that we’d love to publish on

The second interesting call I got was for an online community that uses writing “as platform to raise awareness for people who suffer from depression, addiction or mental illness.”   Earlier in the year I posted some other sites that discuss this issue as well as the Rutgers MFA’s own involvement on a study linking creativity to affective mood.  Check out the magazine at

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