Good morning!


Fence is pleased to announce that from now until October 30th you can submit Poetry, Fiction, and Other through our handy Submission Manager. We are, as previously stated, no longer open for long stretches, so get in there now, but we’ll open again for a month in the spring if you don’t have anything right now that you think is really right.


AND ALSO: Fence hosts another round of SLS.


“SLS is pleased to announce its 2010 unified (SLS-Montreal, SLS-Lithuania, and SLS-Kenya) literary contest, held this year again in affiliation with Fence.


We are excited this year to have Mary Gaitskill judging the contest fiction, and Mary Jo Bang judging the poetry.


Contest winners in the categories of fiction and poetry will have their work published in Fence, as well as the participating literary journals in Canada, Lithuania and Kenya. Additionally, they will have the choice of attending (airfare, tuition, and housing included) any of the SLS-2010 programs – in Montreal, Quebec (June 13 – 27); Vilnius, Lithuania (August 1 – 14); or Nairobi-Lamu, Kenya (December).


Second-place winners will receive a full tuition waiver for the program of their choice, and third-place winners will receive a 50% tuition discount.


A number of select contest participants, based on the overall strength of their work, will be offered tuition scholarships, as well, applicable to the SLS-2010 programs.


Contest Deadline: February 28, 2010.


Please visit the SLS website, at http://www.sumlitsem.org/slscontest.html, for detailed information on how to enter.


Good luck, much success with your work — and we hope to see some of you at one (or more) of our programs in the future!”



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