POETS & WRITERS: Top Fifty MFA Programs

So I get home, tired from working about ten hours strapped to a cubicle.  I go back out into the cold so Lola gets her walk, then pry the mail out of my tiny mailbox on our way back.  I unfurl the shiny new November/December issue of Poets & Writers magazine, and sprawled all over the front cover (I exaggerate) The Top 50 MFA Programs jumps right out at me!  I flipped through the pages as Lola chases her tail sharing my excitement.  Then….tada!   Rutgers Newark among the Top 50 MFA programs in the country.  Now you know we’re like the real deal new school seeing as how this program is still in its nascent stage, just a baby!  What an honor.  I plan to sport a renewed sense of pride as I stroll into workshop this Wednesday and you should too, well don’t go strolling in on our workshop but you know what I mean.  Anyhow, I’d really like to thank all the authors that continue to give wonderful readings and advice during W@N events, Amy Ortiz, our program coordinator, and all the professors who guide us through the murky waters of our own writing. Most of all thank you to Jayne Anne!   You have led this program and its students to a place no one knew could be possible to reach in such record time! We, the students, not Lola of course, plan on shouting out this program and touting its benefits as we set off into the sunrise of our careers…quite weepy I know.   Well RNMFA , here’s to continued success!


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