Identity Theory

Every evening in class, three times a week, for three semesters, I have participated in class discussions with no more ammunition than my own textual analysis of the story or poem in front of me. I usually end up feeling like I vaguely remember who I was before I came here and like I must do more to become the person I want to be, and I want to be like you.  I want to have read an endless list of authors, and I want to be able to pluck their names out of the magic box on top of my neck and use those names to support my views and provide you with examples that might be helpful to you on your literary journey. So now I have to refrain from reading Cosmo and Harper’s Bazaar and commit to a more regimented diet of  weekly New Yorker stories and countless NPR interviews.  Today I thought I might take a little time to get to know ZZ Packer since Dickson Lam emailed her New Yorker ZZinterview to us all this morning. I went on to find out more about one ZZ Packer, which let me to  Once I reached the end of Robert Birnbaum’s interview with ZZ Packer I saw a lengthy list of interviews with author’s names I recognize from many evenings in workshop. I continued to poke around the website and I found what I think would be a great website for your literary interests and research. Go ahead and do some poking around the website as well, and hopefully I have provided you with, at least for today, something helpful on the journey we share.


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