Paul Vidich in Thieves Jargon!

The gunshot surprised Josh just as much as it did the aging hippie store clerk who received the bullet in his stomach. They locked on each other’s eyes. Neither could believe that it had happened. The startled clerk tried to staunch the flow of blood with his hands, and when that failed, he used the wadded end of his apron. He no longer took any interest in Josh. His pit bull anger was replaced by the lightness of being of a man who knew that he was mortally wounded.

Read the rest of Paul Vidich’s gripping new story, “Opportunity Knocks,” in Thieves Jargon.   Paul Vidich graduated from the MFA program in 2009, and was previously featured on the blog for his interview with Lorrie Moore.  Paul’s prose is precise, spare, and unforgiving.  Enjoy.


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