Writers at Newark Reading

Be sure to be on campus this evening for a reading by 2 authors, Beth Gutcheon and Honor Moore.  Beth Gutcheon‘s latest novel is “Goodbye and Amen,” which is one of several novels she has written set in maritime Maine.  She has also written several screenplays and books on the craft of quilting.  Honor Moore‘s range of work includes a National Book Award finalist designation for her memoir “The Bishop’s Daughter”, as well as several poetry books and some work editing anthologies.   All of the readings begin at 5:30, but the location of this one will be in room 256 of the Campus Center, instead of the usual Paul Robeson Gallery.  Come by early!

Check out another post we did on Honor Moore back in August, here.

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One Response to Writers at Newark Reading

  1. rnmfa says:

    Favorite moment from last night’s reading (somewhat paraphrased): “Some people say writing is therapeutic. For me, it’s more metabolic.”–Honor Moore

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