Mark Doty and Paul Lisicky Redux

It’s been a few days, but I really did want to spend a moment to reflect on the Paul Lisicky/Mark Doty reading last week.  Both readers were very strong, and really complimented each other well.  Paul Lisicky read from the newest novel he is working, a very challenging project concerning a very recent grief.  The book is both complex and self-reflective, and the way Lisicky was able to use such raw and symbolic material effectively is a real tribute to him.  Mark Doty came next and read both poetry and prose, and really was able to incorporate a lot of humor in his pieces as well as some poems that connected to his partner.  I think I may have enjoyed the Q and A session, where Saeed asked the poets how living and working together effected their writing process, and where Mark Doty described the way he decided when a particular topic was best served by poetry or prose.  Hopefully I won’t botch his metaphor.   Doty said that if light is inspiration, then a poem is a sharp beam of light falling brightly on one thing, and prose is the light coming from all sides, casting different shadows.

Something to think about.

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