First of all, if you do not have a subscription to Poem-A-Day service, which they operate for National Poetry Month, you best get crackin.  I really enjoy it, the poems are quality and create a little peace in my day.

Second of all, after going to the reading, I thought I’d check out Paul Lisicky’s blog.  After doing so, I realized that I had been missing out.  So– go check out Paul’s blog.   And then after that check out Mark’s blog, which is also great.

One goal that I am making for myself is to submit things before May 31st–when a ton of lit mags close submissions for the summer.   I find that left to my own devices I wait until the summer to send out submissions and then shed small tears when I find that no one wants to read my stuff in the middle of July.  So, I’m going to be better than that this time, and I hope you will too.

AWP.  It’s coming, and I think Chris Caruso is going, so we’ll try and get updates from him.  We’re not going to have as organized a presence in CO as we did last year, but some of us will be there, so if you’re interested, you can find us.

Happy Spring!  This blog has been quiet, and it’s mostly because its writers are finishing their theses–wish us luck.


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