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I’ve been thinking about a couple of things lately, and one of them is whether or not some of you on-the-fence accepted admits have any questions about the program–I’m happy to answer them.  Feel free to comment on this post.  I hope there is no one in this category though, since I know it can be uncomfortable to be making these decisions.  Another issue for those of you who are definitely coming is finding housing in the area, and I do have some opinions on that.  I know that finding housing in Newark can be a daunting process, but I’ve found the area an affordable and fun place to live, and I’ll talk about that in some upcoming posts.

In other news, I just saw that the Village Voice is offering some paid and unpaid internships, and I thought I’d share.  The e-mail that I received for this was hilarious, so I think I am just going to post the whole thing.

*Unpaid Summer Intern – *You need to be in New York. You need to be
registered for classes, and you need to be able to get credit for your
work with us, and you need to be able to prove that you’re getting
credit for it. These interns will working three days a week, various
hours. You’re going to be doing a lot of work outside of the office, so
having your own laptop and a WiFi connection really, really helps. Let
us know if you don’t have access to either. Are you shy and afraid to
talk to scary New Yorkers? This job isn’t for you, because we’re going
to make you pound the pavement and hit the streets, and talk to people
who might otherwise scare tourists and who might otherwise scare
seasoned locals. If you’re tepid, this isn’t for you. You’re going to be
doing research projects, you’re going to be getting information in the
field, and yes, you will absolutely be blogging. You’ll also be utilized
by Fork in the Road and Sound of the City, our food and music blogs,
respectively, so if you’re not sure what you want to write about, but
have some ideas, this is a pretty solid gig. That said, you’ll be
working with all of us, so if you’re only strong in one area and only
want to work in one area, forget it. *Show Us: *Your blog, your favorite
work of yours, what you want to do after college. *Mark your email
subject line: *Summer College Internship.* Don’t Be: *A Pansy. *Be:
*Awesome, young, excited to possibly feel out of your depth and keep
your cool under the circumstances.

*Superstar Paid Intern – *You need to be in New York. You need to be
either a college graduate or some kind of exception to The College Rule
(dropouts and fuckups, this could work for you). You’ll be working in
the office, five days a week, maybe four. You won’t be making an
incredible wage, so it might be best to have something that can
supplement this income, but it’ll be enough to not make you want to file
your eyelids off. If you’re showing enough promise and talent, and
you’re what we’re looking for, and you blow us away, let me assure you
that we’ll work around your life to bring you on board. Essentially,
we’re looking for someone who’s going to kill it on a daily basis, and
someone who is at the point in their career where they’re ready to
exhaust all of their resources and really bring their A-Game on a daily
basis. Yes, you’ll be learning, but mostly working, and you’re going to
eat what you kill: big blog posts, big research projects, the kinds of
things that you’ll need to move your career forward. Mostly, clips and
hard evidence that we (and other media outlets) have no reason not to
hire you at the end of the day. Whereas the Unpaid Summer Interns will
work more to assist staff here moving their projects forward, the
Superstar Paid Intern will be working alongside us, but with
exponentially less accountability of our paid staff members, and more
opportunity to grow your skills and talents. Obviously, if you’re not a
self-starter, this one isn’t for you. You’re going to have a lot of
freedom, but again, there’s money involved, so you will be expected to
produce a specific and unique result: personal growth. *Show Us: *What
you’ve done so far. Your blog, your clips, how you’ve been holding it
down post-college on the writing front without a full-time writing job.
What kind of mark have you tried to make already? And a rockin’ cover
letter that’s an honest assessment of where you are right now, and what
your skills and weaknesses are, and what you need to take you to the
next level. *Mark your email subject line: *Superstar Paid Intern*.
Don’t Be: *Looking for a full-time paid gig. Still in college. Unsure of
what you want to do. The person who introduces themselves as “a writer”
and then scoffs when someone asks them what kind. You know who I’m
talking about. *Be: *Ready to take the next step in your
career/life/etc. Sharp, smart, professional, mature, affable,
personable, savvy, scrappy, full of good ideas and the moxie to make
them happen from the get-go.

The thing to keep in mind with both internships is that you will not,
under any circumstances, be doing the work paid employees are
responsible for, or work we’d otherwise pay for. They’re both unique
opportunities to learn, and not just be a wage-slave sans wage. Because
that shit’s just not cool. Finally:

*Weekend Warrior, Paid – *14-16 posts a weekend.* *A totally fair
freelance salary, coming from someone who used to get one. Possibility
for more scratch if you produce results, because I’ll lobby on your
behalf for it, is why.* *You should be in New York. You should already
have clips and some kind of established writing rep. This shouldn’t be
your first or second writing paycheck. Maybe your third. Exception is a
high-profile internship with bylines. You should understand a news
cycle, and be able to look at weekends on Runnin’ Scared right now, and
tell me what needs to change, and how you’re going to grow an audience.
You’ve already done the freelance work and now you’re ready to step into
a leadership role and take on what will become your personal project.
You should have a strong voice, a comprehensive understanding of how
blogging works, a creative streak, and some serious hustle, because
you’re going to need to work for your readership. *Show Us: *That you
get it, if we don’t already know you do. Clips you were paid for, your
best ones. Your blog, your Twitter account, if some media asshole like
me has mentioned your work somewhere. You already know what your cover
letter should be, so yeah: write that one. We’ll take a reference or
two, too.  *Mark your email subject line: *Weekend Editor*. Don’t Be:
*Someone who needs to ask any questions about this opening. *Be:
*Someone who’s ready to do more than we ask of them because you want to.
Or need to. Because you’re an awesome writer whose time has come, and
one ready to stake their rep in the ground with this shit. You’re going
to turn us into A Blog People Read On The Weekends. You’re someone who
knows who the others are, who maybe has workable ideas for what we need
to do, who has the piss, vinegar, moxie, blood, sweat, and tears to do
this. Gawker, Daily Intel, Gothamist, Mediaite, etc: We’re get the
Village Voice a space in that sandbox on the weekends, and you’re gonna
be our point-person for doing so.

So. There you have it. Send your stuff to me, not Jen. If you’re gonna
rule yourself out for now for any number of reasons, please, we’d really
appreciate an email letting us know, and it’s good karma. Also, you
won’t get bombarded with any other annoying form emails. If you’re
applying, there’s no time limit as to when you can get it in, but you
wanna beat everyone else to the punch, no? And if you have any questions
about the gigs – yes, even the third one – feel free to hit me up.

Again, thanks for taking the time and showing us interest. Whether you
end up with us or not, let me assure you, we’re gonna keep an eye on
whatever writing you end up doing, and we’ll be cheering you on all the


Foster and Jen*

*Jen didn’t write this, because if she did, it’d be much nicer, and use
far kinder language, because Jen’s a nicer, more mature person than I
am. But she did approve this, and you should still be scared of her.

Foster Kamer
Staff Writer – Runnin’ Scared
*The Village Voice
*36 Cooper Square, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003
p: 212.475.3300
c: 646.784.0038

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