The Newark High Schools Writing Contest, and ToMo

Yesterday was the second Newark High Schools Writing Contest, and it really was a success.  Some of the best, brightest and most talented of the schools in and around Newark came to Rutgers to receive awards for their writing.  Over sixty finalists were selected by teachers for the contest, and three prize winners and three honorable mentions were then culled from each genre–fiction, non-fiction and poetry.   The students represented both the public and private schools, and each student read beautifully–honestly, and with feeling.  A really good night had by all.

The other piece of news that I want to share is that I’m a little late to post it, but Toni Morrison is coming to Rutgers-Newark next year!  She’ll be reading as part of our Writers At Newark reading series at the end of April.  I don’t know if she trademarked it, but Tayari Jones has shortened her name to ToMo, and I’m going to use it too because it gives her that larger-than-life feeling.  This is really great for the program and I wish I was going to be around for it.

Newark is beautiful, folks.  Stop reading this blog and go walk in the cherry blossoms …

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