The vibe at Nick’s in Newark

Nick’s wine bar has always had a nice and laidback vibe. It’s a little classier than the R-N mfa program’s old standby, McGovern’s (no offense to this storied institution, and I’m sure none taken) and also a little less pretentious than 27 Mix, which of course also has it’s own niche in the Newark dining scene. However, I went there this week and was really excited to see the place packed on a Wednesday night. A band was playing (the waiter couldn’t remember the name or I would have plugged them) and there was a nice mix of Newarkers and Rutgers students. The restaurant has good food (ranging from wings to some rather classy hamburgers and such) and an above average beer selection–Coors to Chimay. They also have a really pretty brick patio in back. I hope that the bar doesn’t stay this packed all the time, but I was happy to see that it looked like the secret was out on this worthy little restaurant.

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