The Unofficial Writers at Newark Lineup for 2010-2011!

The official list won’t be released until next week, but we got word that the following list has been finalized for the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Writers @ Newark Reading Series. There are a lot of awesome writers to look forward to. Visiting poet, Cynthia Cruz, will be reading in the fall, and R-N’s own Rachel Hadas will be reading in the Spring, as will (dun dun dun…) Toni Morrison. No big deal.

Fall ’10

September 28 @ Paul Robeson Gallery
Irene McKinney (poetry)
Frank X Walker (poetry)

October 19 @ Paul Robeson Gallery
James Salter (fiction)
Edmund White (fiction)

November 16 @ Multipurpose Room 231
Tyehimba Jess (poetry)
Cynthia Cruz (poetry)

December 7 @ Paul Robeson Gallery
Stacey D’Erasmo (fiction)
Howard Norman (fiction)

Spring ’11

January 25 @ Paul Robeson Gallery
Jill McCorkle (fiction)
Randall Kenan (fiction)

February 8 @ Multipurpose Room 231
Matthew Rohrer (poetry)
Elizabeth Strout (fiction)

March 8 @ Paul Robeson Gallery
Erica Dawson (poetry)
Mark Strand (poetry)

April 12 @ Multipurpose Room 231
Poetry Translations by Rachel Hadas, Paul Muldoone, Peter Constantine

April 26 @ Multipurpose Room 231
Toni Morrison (fiction)

All readings begin at 5:30pm and are held on the Rutgers Newark campus.

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