World Cup Word Game @ Narrative Magazine (Because US Advanced Today!)

Every week, Narrative Magazine sends out a new “Literary Puzzler,” a set of questions or puzzle designed to test your lit prowess. There’s even a chance to win money at the end of the year if you complete enough of them and make the scoreboard. This week’s Puzzler caters to creative types, asking you to write a 3-4 sentence description of your own imagining of a mascot to represent the World Cup competition. (Note: The real World Cup mascot is a spotted manga-leopard/lion/person/creature, Zakumi, who just celebrated his 16th birthday.) What would you come up with? Hopefully you can do better than Wenlock and Mandeville.  London deserves to be dome-rocked for those two.

Wenlock and Mandeville via Now Public

Did I mention they sprung from rainbows and steel?

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