Happy 4th of July! Some prompts to get you feeling patriotic (or not)

Okay, so maybe I’m hitting that mid-summer slump, or it might be that the 110 degree California heat is draining more than just my sweat glands, but I’ve been resorting to ridiculous and constructed methods for getting my lazy, procrastinating, need-to-write-thesis ass in gear. In the spirit of forced creativity, here are some 4th of July themed writing prompts from the trusty ol’ internet.

From Build Creative Writing IdeasDescribe a 4th of July celebration with you and several other Americans outside of the United States. Is there an Americanized bar that you can party at or is a more private affair at a hotel with copious amounts of alcohol? Go into extreme detail.

This one isn’t technically a prompt, but it still rules:  I once dated a girl who’s family used to practically nuke their yard with fireworks and other assorted explosions. Is that really what the holiday is about?…If so, then write from one of these free creative writing prompts about the 4th of July…and proceed to go blow something up (within reason). Happy Writing!

Continuing the theme of blowing stuff up, here’s a related poetry prompt from The Write Prompts:  Your topic: self inflicted burns. Your form: sestina

I like the idea of this exercise, from the My Literary Quest blog:  Grab a book off the shelf and turn to page 91 and take the first complete sentence and write it down.  Then turn to page 40 and write down the first complete sentence found there.  Using the sentence from page 91 to start and the one from 40 to finish, you must string the two together in a story.

I plan to do this using two lines from the Star Spangled Banner. (Lyrics here.) The lines I chose are: “On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep…” and “No refuge could save the hireling and slave.” I have a feeling it’s gonna be dark.

Photo taken during street party after Obama's election

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One Response to Happy 4th of July! Some prompts to get you feeling patriotic (or not)

  1. Nam Soo Yun says:

    Hey thanks for the prompts it helped me remember a memory from the past with my best friend do you have any more?

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