A Call For Submissions

Wanted to pass this along to those who might have work that fits the requirements.


Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (http://asiancha.com/) is now accepting
submissions for “The China Issue”, an edition of the journal devoted
exclusively to work from and about contemporary China. The issue, which will
be published in June 2011, will feature poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction,
scholarly works and visual art exploring the modern Middle Kingdom. We are
looking for submissions from a wide range of Chinese and international voices
on the social, political and cultural forces which are shaping the country. If you
have something interesting, opinionated or fresh to say about China today, we
would like to hear from you. Please note that we can only accept submissions
in English.

We are pleased to announce that distinguished Chinese scholar and poet Yibing
Huang will be joining Cha as guest editor for the issue (see his biography
below). Huang has graciously agreed to lend us his extensive knowledge of
Chinese literature and keen critical eye to help us select the pieces and shape
the issue.

The Reviews section will be devoted exclusively to books related to China. If
you have a recent book that you think would be right for review in “The China
Issue”, we encourage you to contact our Reviews Editor Eddie Tay at
eddie@asiancha.com. Books should be sent to Eddie before the end of March

If you would like to have work considered for “The China Issue”, please submit
by email to submissions@asiancha.com by 15th April, 2011. Please include
“The China Issue” in the subject line of the email or your work will
automatically be considered for one of the regular issues. Submissions to the
issue should conform to our guidelines available at:

Tammy Ho & Jeff Zroback

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