February Student Reading at the Coffee Cave

Love was the theme Tuesday evening at the Coffee Cave, at least according to Armin, our Emcee, who predicted we would fall in love with the readers, and provided the invaluable service of microphone adjustment for our first reader, Melissa Adamo.  Marina Carreira introduced Melissa, first year poetry student, who began with a poem to a former literature teacher that invited us to envision Mark Twain on a five dollar bill, as the concise images in each of her short poems invited us to take a new look at many different worlds.  Many of her poems dealt with healing, including a poem inspired by the Glass Book Project.  Congratulations, Melissa, for a great reading.

John McIntyre introduced second year fiction writer Steve Wright, who read a tense and moving excerpt entitled “Fade Out.”  Set in a shiny meticulously evoked bathroom, “Fade Out” brought us close to a crack addict’s itchy needs and rationalizations, as he searched the white tile floor for a dropped hit, while outside the door his girlfriend’s son waited for a promised ride to football practice.  And if the minutiae of his addiction weren’t enough to make us wince and cringe, we learn our addicted narrator is a former football star haunted by past glories and ruined dreams.  Steve renders his character with a thorough and sympathetic understanding of his addiction.

Ly Chheng introduced first year fiction student Hannah Oberman-Breindel, with the statement:  “When I read her work, I think, I wish I wrote that.”  Tonight’s reading was no exception.  Hannah placed her love triangle of characters on a house boat, and used this confined space to explore love and sorrow and jealousy, ending her selection, an excerpt from an as yet unfinished story, with a sex scene, all the more poignant for taking place on the cramped bunk on the boat.

We applaud the efforts of tonight’s readers and thank them for an entertaining and inspiring evening.

Priscilla Mainardi

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