Rachel Hadas’ “The Yawn” appears in this week’s New Yorker!

Check out Rachel Hadas’ poem in the April 9 issue of the New Yorker. Here’s a link to the poem (accessible if you have a subscription to the New Yorker).

If you don’t have a subscription, check out Rachel’s other poems in the New Yorker here!

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One Response to Rachel Hadas’ “The Yawn” appears in this week’s New Yorker!

  1. Sam Tobias says:

    Hello all,

    I am a Mason Gross Jazz Performance student who is interested in collaborating with other departments in Rutgers. I, like many of the other students at Mason Gross, are depressed by the low student attendance at concerts and generally low student interest (does Rutgers even know we have a jazz program?).

    My idea to improve the current situation is to have a public event/regular podcast that displays the talent of the writing, theater, and jazz programs. The concept is that we would take the best short stories/poems from students in the writing department and have them read by actors (with jazz musicians playing improvised reactionary music behind them).

    I am more than willing to arrange all rehearsals, but I am writing to you for your help in 1) making a connections with the right/interested students in your program and 2) help with finding a venue (it’d be easier for a Dean at Rutgers to ask Starbucks for a time slot than it would be a 19 year old). I hope you recognize this as an excellent opportunity for students to express their voices in public, gain collaborative experience, and generate interest around campus.

    Thanks for your time,

    Sam Tobias

    If you are interested in being featured in the podcast, please contact me (sam.c.tobias@gmail.com and 732.977.5440). Please repost this on Facebook and tell other students in your department.

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