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MLA Changes – Stay updated

Every morning, around 8 am, I receive emails from a site called Daily Writing Tips. I can’t say the site delivers groundbreaking information every single day, but most of the emails are a great source of diversion from cubicle life … Continue reading

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The 9-5-ing MFA-er

  If you think that it’s impossible to work 9-5 and still get your MFA then put away your pessimism and listen here.  The trick in solving this dilemma is to do your work ahead of time.  You should know … Continue reading

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Congrats, Rigoberto & Jaime

Professors Rigoberto Gonzalez and Jaime Manrique were recently profiled by Miapogeo for being part of its list of the 25 most influential GLBT Latinos. Go here to learn about their contributions to the Latino community as well as the profiles … Continue reading

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Living in and around Newark

After a recent e-mail from an incoming MFAer, I realized it would be nice to create a post on the different places to live in and around Newark.  I’m willing to post what I know, but I’d like to get … Continue reading

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So You’re Going To Rutgers Newark Part Deux

My last post mentioned things to fill your time till classes start this Fall. This week I will continue to pontificate with regards to preparing for that first semester as a graduate student. For the next two + years our … Continue reading

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Opportunities in Poetry from Rachel Hadas

This is a reposting from an earlier version of this site, but still very good info.  This spring, I decided to spend some time with Dr. Hadas, a great resource within the MFA program and a long-time poetry professor here … Continue reading

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Bloomsday Discovery

June 16th, 1904—Bloomsday.  The day that James Joyce met his wife, the day that the events of Ulysses takes place, a day dedicated to celebrating the book that most of us admit we don’t get. Of course, some of us … Continue reading

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